Winter 2021

Welcome and Happy New Year! Thank you for your consideration and choosing to learn more about how you can help CALM make sure that home is a safe place for every child!

It is our pleasure to support your desire to join us in healing and preventing childhood trauma by providing you with giving options that offer you peace of mind with the possibility of increased tax benefits.

Legacy gifts are the ultimate demonstration of your belief in CALM and automatically places you among a select list of Children's Legacy Society members who have chosen to share their intentions with us. These gifts have no minimum requirements and come in many forms and amounts. Most of them are from donors who have ordinary means and resources yet provide very substantial, essential support for CALM. Please call on us, we are here to answer questions or refer you to qualified professionals who can guide you in your decision-making process.

How to Get Started

  1. Contact me, Catherine Kort, at (805) 965-2376, Ext. 149 or ckort@calm4kids.org or fill out this brief form so I can support you wherever you are in your planning process.

  2. Schedule a time to meet with us so we can learn more about your priorities and what you find most meaningful. For example, do you prefer to make a gift that impacts children today, impacts children in the future, or impacts children today and in the future? We are happy to discuss various scenarios and provide you with options you may wish to consider with a professional advisor.

  3. Seek out supplemental learning tools and resources such as the Online Wills Planner or Estate Planning Guide. Read how others have decided to leave a legacy.

  4. Consult with a tax or estate planning professional to create or update your will or estate plan.

The CALM Children's Legacy Society is made up of an exceptional group of men and women who make gifts to CALM in their wills or estate plans, or have chosen to make CALM a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, retirement account, gift annuity, or charitable trust.

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting your desire to create a meaningful legacy!

Gratefully, Catherine

NOTE: Maybe you have already made a legacy gift to CALM? Please complete our brief enrollment form to let us know so that we can properly welcome you into the Children's Legacy Society.