CALM Advisors Welcome

Spring/Summer 2021

Fellow Advisor,

It is with great excitement and gratitude that I welcome you to the CALM Children's Legacy Society. Spending the time you are already taking to learn more is heroic in a world where time is so valuable, and will create new realities for the children that CALM serves, allowing a voice and a path toward healing from child abuse.

For the last 15 years, CALM and the families they serve have been one of the most fulfilling endeavors I have ever been associated with. In fact, as a fellow professional services provider, there has been no greater good that I have advocated for. I personally have created long term friendships, given time, money and introductions, created business, and provided meaning in the lives of clients and friends I have brought to CALM.

I joined the CALM board in 2005 right after my second daughter was born realizing that not all children have the same advantage I was able to give my family. I wanted EVERY child to have the ability to live the same life I was providing to my own. Just prior to becoming CALM's Board Chair in 2009, I saw the impact of what a planned gift could provide an organization when CALM received a multi-million-dollar gift that was facilitated by another board member and professional services advisor. It created a passion in me to create something more formal that would provide the ability to make sure that NO CHILD is left without an advocate. Now, as CALM promotes its Children's Legacy Society as part of their 50th anniversary, it is my honor to compel you to take the same stand I have toward an end to child abuse.

While none of us have the ability to dictate our client's philanthropic plans directly, our clients are very aware of what we do, and I believe we have an obligation to lead by example. By learning more about the Children's Legacy Society, you are putting yourself directly in the spotlight showing those you work with, that you care deeply about a cause that matters. CALM is a Santa Barbara County necessity, and for 50 years has never taken its eye off the ball in serving the children of our community. Your voice matters, your support and help in educating those around you that are looking for guidance will make our children safer, happier, and better citizens of our great community for generations to come.

I invite you to participate with me and other CALM Advisors in Advisors Interactives we host throughout the year, learn more about CALM's mission, or contact CALM, myself or others who are dedicated to what CALM stands for.

Thank you again for your time. You are a hero whose leadership will not be forgotten.

Rich Schuette, CFP®
   Avalan Wealth Management
   CALM Board Chair, 2009-2011

CALM Advisors
Bridget Foreman, CPA - Bartlett, Pringle & Wolf, LLP
Amber Ortiz, CFP - City National Bank
Jenna Rogers, MS, CFP (r), Mission Wealth
Stephen N. Yungling, JD, Mullen & Henzell, LLP