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Monday September 28, 2020

A Personal Note from Rich Schuette, CFP
CALM Welcome's Advisors
It is with great excitement and gratitude that I welcome you to CALM's Children's Legacy Society. Spending the time you are already taking to learn more is heroic in a world where time is so valuable, and will create new realities for the children that CALM serves, allowing a voice and a path toward healing from child abuse.
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Thank you for your interest in CALM. Our hope is to serve you and your family with helpful information.
Charitable Tax Reference
GiftLaw Pro
GiftLaw Pro is a complete charitable giving and tax information service inside the GiftLaw website...
Deduction Calculator
Deduction Calculator
The GiftLaw Calculator is a planned gifts calculator for professionals that follows the IRS format. Click here to access and run charitable deduction calculations for your favorite gift plan...
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Case of the Week
Karl Hendricks was a man with the golden touch. Throughout his life, it seemed every investment idea that he touched turned to gold. By far, Karl was most successful with real estate investments. It...
Private Letter Ruling
Foundation requests advance approval of its educational scholarship procedures under Sec. 4945(g). Foundation will provide scholarships for education at qualified institutions to high-achieving women...
Article of the Month
In order to qualify as a charity under IRS Code Sec. 501(c)(3) and obtain or maintain tax-exempt status, a non-profit organization must serve a "charitable class." In the wake of natural and man-made...